Set of 20 Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

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This set features 20 x 10ml Essential Oil Rollerball Blends that you can mix and match from our 4 signature blends at a bundle price of $310 (U.P. $360)

For this set, each bottle will come with a pouch and a gift card.

Kindly indicate at the checkout section the quantity of each blend you would like to receive in this format:

1. Deep Breath:

2. Mellow Head:

3. Moon Child:

4. Liquid Sleep:

Essential Oil Rollerball Blends

Deep Breath - 10ml

It’s cooling, refreshing and invigorating. A combination Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils to help relief sinuses and head pressure naturally. Also used to improve concentration and revitalise energy. 

Mellow Head - 10ml

The warm, spicy scent of Ginger will envelope you and bring you back on your feet. A unique blend that will help combat dizzy spells or light-headedness. If you’re feeling lethargic in the late afternoon, this will help give you that extra emotional boost! 

Moon Child - 10ml

With a hint of Ylang Ylang to encourage a cheerful, this blend assists with reducing stress and feelings of anxiety by creating a peace between the mind and body. Infused with Bergamot for earth notes and Orange for an uplifting yet simultaneously calming effect.

Liquid Sleep - 10ml

You’ll sleep well after rolling this calming aromatherapy blend. Made with an infusion of lavender to calm the soul, a warm gentle touch of marjoram, and a kiss of rosemary for that herbaceous scent. Drift to sleep, count sheeps, drift to sleep, may you have sweet dreams. 

This works perfectly as a massage oil too. Roll on as much as needed and feel the muscle and tension relax. 

These products are not meant to treat or diagnose illnesses and diseases. Always consult your medical practitioner before using all essential oil rollerball blend.

Details: 100% natural and free from synthetics. 🌿