Eucalyptus Tea Reed Diffuser

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Fresh and clean. Eucalyptus Tea is a breath of fresh air to anyone who enters the space. Notes of Bergamot, Clary Sage, White tea buds and Jasmine creates a fresh and inviting scent. A splash of Eucalyptus for that minty fresh scent. 

Simply allow the porous sticks to absorb the scent and gently diffuse it into the space. A low maintenance, flameless alternative for an all-day scent. 

Details: Each Reed Diffuser bottle comes with 5 reed sticks. 100ml / 3.38oz
Allow up to 3 hours for the scent to be properly diffused when using it for the first time. 

Directions: Unscrew cap, unbundle rattan reeds and insert them directly into the bottle. Flip reeds weekly to refresh the scent.

Pro Tip: Best placed in bedrooms and bathrooms

Ingredients: Blend of essential oils and fragrance oils