Room Spray Set

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This set features 4 x 50ml Room Sprays - English Garden, Sundaze, Liquid Sleep and Rose Petals at a bundle price of $103 (U.P. $116).


English Garden - 50ml

Light, sensuous and full of promise, English Garden captures the warmth and glow of an August afternoon in an English Garden. It's like inviting the British Summertime into your home with hints of alluring Bergamot, Mint and Jasmine.

Sundaze - 50ml

Bright orange and zesty lemon with a splash of peppermint to invite a ray of sunshine into your space. ☀️ Rounded with summery notes of Bergamot, this pulpy citrus blend will give you the right headstart for a brand new day.

Liquid Sleep Room Spray - 50ml

Our much-raved Liquid Sleep blend now available in a Room Spray. 

Get ready to fall into a deep slumber with this soothing aromatherapy recipe that is all-natural and essential oil based. 

Concocted with a blend of lavender to calm the soul, a warm gentle touch of marjoram, and a kiss of rosemary for that herbaceous scent. 

Take this time to unwind. Run a hot bath, spritz this comforting blend to scent your pillows and space, dim the lights and climb into bed. Go on, drift to sleep. 💤

Rose Petals - 50ml 

Like a bouquet of freshly picked French roses, combined with sweet geranium to create an alluring aroma of romantic delight. Transport yourself to a field of pink petals - peel away the weariness, feel free spirited and tension-free. 


Details: 100% natural and free from synthetics and preservatives. 🌿 50ml / 1.69oz

Directions: Shake well. Spritz into the air to freshen up your space, or onto fabrics, blankets, and linen.

Pro Tip: Spray onto fabrics for scent to last for a longer period of time. Avoid spraying directly onto light-coloured fabrics.

Ingredients: Perfumers Alcohol (70%), Essential Oil Blend