[Kindred Teas x Calypsoul.Life] Fields of Love

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A collaboration between Calypsoul.Life and Kindred Teas.

This gift set consists of one Blessings Blooming Tea and one Essential Oil Rollerball Blend of your choice. It's the perfect gift for anyone!

If you have carted out other items with this, please expect two parcels as they will be fulfilled separately. 

Blessings Blooming Tea
The Blooming tea collection consists of four types (2 each, 8 total) of artfully hand-threaded blooming teas that slowly unfurl into a beautiful bouquet. Each tea bloom is handmade by skilled Chinese tea artisans. 

To enjoy our blooming teas at their best, place one tea bloom in a glass teapot or tall glass cup, and gently pour in almost-boiling water. 


Rollerball Blends:
Choose from any 1 of the 4 options

1. Moon Child - 10ml
With a hint of Ylang Ylang to boost your mood, this blend assists with reducing stress and feelings of anxiety by creating a peace between the mind and body.

2. Deep Breath - 10ml
A medley of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils, this blend is reminiscent of a walk in a Eucalyptus forest. Intended to help relief sinuses and head pressure naturally, it also aids in boosting concentration and revitalising energy. 

3. Liquid Sleep - 10ml
Concocted with a blend of lavender to calm the soul, a warm gentle touch of marjoram, and a kiss of rosemary for that herbaceous scent.

Drift to sleep, count sheep, may you have sweet dreams. 

4. Mellow Head - 10ml
The warm, spicy scent of Ginger will envelope you and bring you back on your feet. A unique blend that will help combat dizzy spells or light-headedness.

5. Rise - 10ml
Start your day on a high or beat the 3PM slump with this bright and uplifting blend with hints of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus to uplift, stimulate and invigorate your senses - it’s your new go-to for feeling good.

Bonus: The Lemongrass Essential Oil also doubles up as a natural mosquito repellent.

6. Slumber - 10ml
For minds that struggle to switch off at night, Slumber is made specially for you. Recalibrate and quieten your mind with a medley of Patchouli, Frankincense and Bergamot.

Roll this all over your pulse points and pillow, and get ready to ease into a good night’s rest.

These products are not meant to treat or diagnose illnesses and diseases. Always consult your medical practitioner before using all essential oil rollerball blend.

Details: 100% natural and free from synthetics. 🌿 

Safety information for more details on product safety.